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yes jelly babies for me too,head first(we thought this was kinder when we were children).remember those blackjack things that stained your whole mouth black for ages? if they exist now they are probably called something else
definately think you should try standup! i still think your night out sound better than my last one which was a lecture on the plague. i only went because it was free.
teeth in sugar bowl,specs in knicker drawer,hot water bottle(like bin)completely vanished..Glad its not just my mum causing these mysteries.spend lots of time looking for things.
dear little robin followed me round the garden for ages. think robin is my favourite bird,possibly because i can actually identify it
<t>What a saturday evening! went to pick up mums medication as delivery failed. chemist said she had been removed from system. What!how! they said someone? had phoned to say she was in a care home(she isnt).couldnt issue meds as now no prescription. doctors surgery closed so they suggest phoning eme...
have a lovely time
<t>no wonder you are struggling. today a friend left a bunch of tulips on my doorstop as she said she noticed i was down lately as i wasnt wearing earrings,strange comment but true. i just couldnt be bothered with myself. friends very good things.hope you have somebody to unload to .unload here anyw...
think mine are sparrows then as quite brave. blackbird is singing its little heart out in tree. definately a blackbird as it is black
<t>unfortunatly it appears transport is only available for the nearest centres(suppose that is reasonable) and they are all full, next nearest has a place but no transport and i need an ss assessment to access it. ss say that will take 10 weeks so will probably no longer be a place.does dile a ride ...
oh crikey gets more complicated .how do i tell a dunnock from a sparrow?