Hi BB ,we have been to the Motorbike museum a few times ,i might have a photo of your old bike . My dad told me he know some guy with a stiff leg ,which meant he could not turn either left or right because he had a foot peg on the front wheel so he avoided either right or left turns :D . I asked my ...
Ariel Red Hunter, is that the one with the square block of 4 cylinders ?
Hi BB ,haven't got any motorbikes ,got rid of my two MZ's in 2011 ,having to look after Malcolm full time i didn't get the chance to ride it .The other one was in bits.
goodbye bike and little monsters 001.JPG
You can see all the bits of the other one on the ground.
Anyone seen the clip of the Dorset plod in his van ? He winds his window down and leaves a sheet of ice behind ,then he sticks his head through it.
All you snow lovers are barking ,no offence :D :D .Try getting from London SW1 back up to Enfield on a motorbike in a snow storm .
On the Independent news site there is a photo of a Kingfisher frozen solid in a canal .
Super Mega exciting day - we have snow :D I was going to post a picture but I don't think you can upload straight to CUK? I tried going into Flckr account but it wants to veryify me via extinct email address or extinct mobile phone numbe so it seems it is goodby Flclr. Anyone recomend a good hostin...
Snowing now in my bit of Shropshire ,not sticking on the road at the moment .
The Angels have landed So much for my wittering on about having no snow.... Famous last words, eh! This is what I woke up to this morning. snow pic.jpg After the Landing Angels angels in the snow.jpg The birds in Sajehar's garden saw what she was doing . Blackbird . What do you think she is up to n...
Hi ,anyone who has a sky box you can get all the BBC regional programmes ,even if you just use it to get free view .