Hi ,how do i go about getting a POA?
Why don't the tories do the decent thing (what am i saying ) and just scrap universal cockup ?
Hi, just had an email pretending to be from the DVLA ,it said it is a final demand ,doesn't say which vehicle it concerns .
Been trying to report it to DVLA ,their website sends you round in circles .
Religious relics were big business in the middle ages .
Shropshire b****** council made me pay 20% ct this year ,did i mention they are B*******s?
How Diary ,i thought to myself. :roll:
Hi ,just started Walkabout by Bill Bryson ,two books in one edition .
A walk in the woods ,about Bryson and his friend walking the Appalachian trail .
And Down Under ,about his trip to Australia ,
Talking of cats ,mine are suffering from the runs ,it is mainly Callie i think . Feeding them on Felix pouch food and iam's dry food .I am thinking of cutting back on the wet food ,just a third of a pouch and the rest dry food . They tend to leave a lot and i hear them go back a number of time s to ...