"What's meant by minimal or complex discharge? If the discharge assessment shows you'll need little or no care, it's called a minimal discharge." And if you are discharged from hospital during the night ,it is known as a nocturnal discharge :lol: :lol: Sorry about that ,it was from the 80s TV progra...
Hi ,BB i don't think our beloved Shropshire council is doing it's fair share of caring for Malcolm ,i am thinking of getting him back in a day center if there are any left ,all he wants to do is sit in front of the tv .
Since 2010 the various ministers against the disabled have spent millions and millions of pounds ,don't see anyone chasing them to pay it back .
Another great achievement of the Grantham witch ,flogging off council houses,well it was going on before she got into no 10 .
I have got no right to say anything about it ,i thought about buying my parents council house .
According to the news the dwp are putting off rolling out UC,apart from a lucky 10.000 poor sods ,how long can you flog a dead horse ?
Ultima Thule, for some reason i was thinking of her what starred in Pulp Fiction :roll: .
Not only are councils sweeping the homeless situation under the carpet ,they are doing it to someone's else's carpet .