Shropshire b****** council made me pay 20% ct this year ,did i mention they are B*******s?
How Diary ,i thought to myself. :roll:
Hi ,just started Walkabout by Bill Bryson ,two books in one edition .
A walk in the woods ,about Bryson and his friend walking the Appalachian trail .
And Down Under ,about his trip to Australia ,
Talking of cats ,mine are suffering from the runs ,it is mainly Callie i think . Feeding them on Felix pouch food and iam's dry food .I am thinking of cutting back on the wet food ,just a third of a pouch and the rest dry food . They tend to leave a lot and i hear them go back a number of time s to ...
Hi ,do what BB and the other people have said ,and tell you brothers and dad to go p*** up a rope .
PS, Honey Badger didn't know you was a bloke .
If a certain Scottish man was still allowed to post on here (HI Scally ) ,he would advise you to put the money that takes it over the limit for CA into your pension .
Your garden looks great ,i didn't bother with my hanging baskets last year ,bought 90 plug plants online . Done 8 baskets and 2 basket that attach to the wall ,got another 11 to do later . I still have my allotment ,i have got some shrubs i want to plant on it .Haven't got the time or patience for v...
So ,no mention of all the carers and who they care for being treated like crap by the dwp . According to the canary disabled people in Scotland are getting the you know what end of the stick . And still no mention of doubling carers allowance like wot ids said should happen . As far has i am concern...