So ,no mention of all the carers and who they care for being treated like crap by the dwp . According to the canary disabled people in Scotland are getting the you know what end of the stick . And still no mention of doubling carers allowance like wot ids said should happen . As far has i am concern...
Fine posts by the pair of you ,i wish we all could deposit our caree's at the local DWP for a few hours ,but i think when we went back to collect them they would all have been moved on by the plod .
Or arrested for vagrancy.
Hi Sajehar ,just emailed you the log in details you need .
Hi Sajehar ,i got your PM .
Hi Sajehar ,haven't received any messages yet.
Hi Chris ,i might give it a try ,love the cartoon ,watch it disappear :D .
Hi Chris ,universal cockup is due to be rolled out in Shropshire later this month .
We get housing benefit ,Malcolm get ESA and i get Income support ,any ideas if we will be better off ,worse of ,or no difference .
I could do without worrying about this at the moment .
Thanks .
Hi Sagehar ,thanks for the help.
Why not get one of those big plastic storage boxes from £stretchers ,the biggest one is 80liters ? Off topic ,but could you help me understand my electric bill ,i think SSE are overcharging me . As i posted on roll call they have sent me a bill for £366 ,i pay £60 a month DD ,i am thinking of cancel...
Hi ,with the pump you could have a couple of goldfish in your basin /water feature ..