Plenty of trees in that local wood of yours , BB ... thankfully ? That could only be said by a man! :lol: You Wimmen are only jealous ,is it true that the women's toilet bowls are 5ft off the ground ,that's why women always go in pairs ,it needs one of them to lift the other on and off ? :D :D
Another great achievement of the Grantham witch ,flogging off council houses,well it was going on before she got into no 10 .
I have got no right to say anything about it ,i thought about buying my parents council house .
According to the news the dwp are putting off rolling out UC,apart from a lucky 10.000 poor sods ,how long can you flog a dead horse ?
Not only are councils sweeping the homeless situation under the carpet ,they are doing it to someone's else's carpet .
Did you have to inflict them on us ?Better stop before i get moderfried ,like wot happened in the past.
sam128_1705 wrote:
Wed Jun 13, 2018 2:58 pm
please gimme your best advice on how to lose weight?
weight loss pills? excercise? anything else?

Hi Sam,applying for universal cockup is working for a lot of people.
Hi ,how do i go about getting a POA?