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All best wishes for Pat's full recovery - she's a fighter!
Glad we agree, Annie - as we usually do!
Your children if you have them, and no-one if you don't. Quite where my tax and NI has gone I don't know, probably spent on a replacement for Trident or an illegal war, who cares, the government certainly doesn't. If they make families pay towards care costs they can hardly blame people for having ...
Quote from Cheril: Realistically I don't see it as being beyond what the country can afford, someone has to care for the ill, disabled and elderly, and someone has to be paid for doing so? Why not the family carer? If they give up work to care, it frees their job for someone else? Swings and roundab...
The knife comment was reply to excalibur read HIS POST iam off .

George - I apologise unreservedly for assumimg that comment was aimed at me. As Charles said, we can all get tetchy and irritable when waiting.

I hope you will accept my apology George.
Who was it that said a good friend will knife you in the front. GEORGE If this is aimed at me George, I am horrified. I have been a loyal and true member of this board before you joined and have supported all carers always. I have always enjoyed reading your posts and they have always cheered me - ...
Very true the 24/7 carers will get nowt the working carers will have all sorts of stuff chucked at them and it will be useless they will hand over cash to various groups but us poor sods on the front line will as weve said get nowt people like us when at work were known as mushrooms kept in the dar...
You may find that this website will help with your situation at the moment:

http://www.netdoctor.co.uk/special_repo ... /grief.htm

Best wishes, snoopy

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You may find the following website useful:

http://www.netdoctor.co.uk/special_repo ... /grief.htm

Best wishes, snoopy
IMHO was understandable! I think it was the rest of the sentence lol