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<t>Thanks Concerned.<br/> <br/> I used to feel so selfish sometimes, Andrew had his team and we have a local Mind group who meet twice a week and I know he needs the support and I never begrudge that, but I always felt like there was no support there for me.<br/> <br/> It's so much better having peo...
Well as I'm not quite yet a regular, I'll be a lurker for now Image A young lurker though Image
Thanks Rosemary. I've been having a look around and everyone has been so lovely. It's nice to have somewhere to come, even just for a chat http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_smile.gif (P.S I'm not really too shy, this was a childhood nickname when I was painfully shy, but life soon beat that out of...
Hi, I joined up about a month ago but I haven't really posted until now. I've just been reading through everyone's post and this one really made an impression on me. It's such a loving story, which highlights the difficulties of living with mental illness, but also the wonderful people who live and ...
I'm in south Oxfordshire and we don't really have problems with flooding as we're a bit away from the river, but last year was awful flooding in the central bit. My friend was getting married and I was drenched going from the car to the door Image
Hi Steve - just wanted to say welcome Image
Just wanted to say hi and welcome, I'm still quite new and getting to know my way about!

Thanks piscesmaid! Nice to meet you Image
Thanks Image Hugs are the best!
<t>Hi everyone,<br/> <br/> I joined up a month or so ago but just wanted to say hi and get to know some people. I care for my husband who has bipolar and dyspraxia and I'm just looking to meet some people who maybe deal with similar things to me.<br/> <br/> I've cared for him on my own for a few yea...