This is actually a forum for unpaid carers - family members and so on - so you might not get an answer, although some of the members here do work in both roles. And maybe someone knows where else you could ask. I am sorry you have had this trouble - I always try to be nice to care workers myself!
If you don't know what equity, as opposed to common law, is, all the better for you! I can't really explain it. All the law relating to trusts is equity (the term is just a label and doesn't imply it's fairer or more equitable).It's a huge area of English law that just doesn't exist in Scots law. .-...
I was just putting it as if I knew. I thought liferent sounded archaic but I'd heard it somewhere, so I looked it up. So if it's Scots it will be embedded in a system I don't know anything about. I don't even know if tenants in common and joint tenants are part of it. It should be simpler than the E...
Liferent is Scots law, isn't it?
I gave up my carers allowance because I now have help with mother./quote]

That can't be right, Diane - you are surely doing more than enough to get carers allowance. Please reapply!
[quoteThe governments so obsessed currently with getting sand kicked in its face by the pathetic little bully boys in Brussels that it hasn't got time to actually govern this country....[/quote]

No, it's doing it all on its own!
Jenny - yes, I agree with you! but I was confused about all the personages involved in the case.
My condolences, Lars. I will be interested to see what happens in the legal case regarding that London coroner who has not only been refusing to give priority to Jewish (or Muslim) funerals, but has apparently been very difficult to deal with. Personally, I'm not Jewish or Muslim and I wanted both t...
Hi Annettecm

All the information can be found on the Motability website:

Call the ambulance, as others have said. For my very overweight brother, the ambulance used to bring a device called the Manga Elk, an inflatable cushion that he could sit on and then it was mechanically inflated till he was standing. The ambulance had to collect it from somewhere - there was not on...