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This is not about having surgery, but about going to the doctor's surgery (office). Maybe you are in the USA and misunderstood it.
Yes, someone mentioned parsleybox.com - they seem to do the same kind of packaged meals, not frozen. I don't know what they're like, but the few meals in pouches I've had in the past were quite good.
Have you read the POA to see how much consultation there should be between the two of you?
We seem to be far behind other countries. This kind of app was abandoned in Germany too (I talk to a friend there most days) and yesterday they introduced the Apple/Google one. It's not really surprising if you read around that the initial app was abandoned, but it was pretty predictable in this case.
Yes. If I move, I will miss this practice - all doctors are women, two regular and two locums. This doctor asked on their Facebook page if people had spare containers so she could prepare the cakes.
I used to take dexamethasone when I was having chemo. It stops you feeling sick and vomiting. I have a feeling it may help you to put on weight. I think it's used for a number of other things too.
Ohe of the local GPs, who was off on maternity leave for a long time, makes rhubarb cake and delivers it to those shielding.
Bowlingbun's advice is right - the council can deal. I called it a garden studio because that's one of the terms used, e.g. by estate agents. You could say outbuilding or something else. Apparently they can be up to 4 metres high. It's normal for them to have power and an internet connection. I can ...
Why is it elevated? - Is it on a hill?
One-storey structures (garden studios) don't need planning permission if they keep within certain limits. If it's got more than one storey it's a different matter.

I have a local Turkish greengrocer who had lots of Romanian and Polish flour. The two kinds of Polish were two grades of cake flour, but he was seling them as plain and self-raising. They don't have self-raising apparently so maybe he will get sued! But this doesn't help you.