Yes, I have to get a certificate to say I am still alive every year, because I have a German pension. I suppose it's useful to be reminded.
Albert, you don't need a certificate at your age, do you? Or is that ageist of me (I am only 72)?

You can do the course for free. It's common for these courses to enable people to pay for a certificate if they can use it to apply for jobs or whatever. I think the £52 covers administration costs.
Hi Elizabeth,

Yes, just stop doing it. Actually a lot of people stop doing it when they get older anyway, so you won't even be the only person not sending cards any longer.
Very sorry to hear this, Chrissie, but a diagnosis can only be good and there will be a way to proceed. And your gran may find it easier to handle in some ways knowing what the cause is. Best wishes with it.
Nowadays I think all these browsers take over each other's passwords if you let them.
I agree with Mrs A - don't worry so much. Why is it your mother's responsibility to see that your father eats (more than he wants to)? It is very common for throat and swallowing problems and lack of appetite to develop in the very old. I don't want to alarm you, as every case is different, but my b...
Hi Stephen,
I don't understand what you mean and what you are referring to. I'm glad the forum has been so useful for you. For me too, now an ex-carer.
Rumours that Chris from the Gulag is a humourless robot are not true!
Just from my own memories - my brother had CHC for carers at home, so I have no experience of care homes or nursing homes. I understand you must absolutely not be required to pay top-up fees. I would not think you will necessarily get CHC from what I read here (it's a postcode lottery too). I do not...
Hi Nigel, I have no direct experience of this procedure so I don't know what your contact with the court is, but I would write to them explaining the facts as you have here, and copy this to DWP, and send DWP the photo and explanation that it was signed for. I think as far as the court is concerned,...
I half-saw it but have now looked on iPlayer and find it was from 8.09 to 8.16. And repeated later I think. I don't expect much of breakfast TV and I think this was not too bad actually. It was totally focussed on a Barbara Bennett, who gave up work to look after her father. She will have made a big...