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<t>Thanks for your reply, Butterfly, and I totally agree. As I said before, it's not just that these toilets are absolutely necessary in the case of people who need changing as a regular part of their care routine (which Changing Places estimates is over 160,000 UK citizens) but also they're great f...
Thanks for the links Matt: have been so busy, I've had difficulty finding the time to get on the forum http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_smile.gif If anyone wants any further information, please let me know: the main Mencap campaign finishes the end of this week, but we need to keep the pressure o...
Thank you all so much - it really means a great deal to know there are people out there ready to share experiences and advice. You're all true stars; thank you!
Just a note to echo the other welcomes; if there's anything you need to talk about, let any or all of us know! Best wishes.
Hi Jim; welcome, and I hope you find CUK useful.
Hello Kim! Welcome Image
Hi All http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_biggrin.gif It's now Mencap's Learning Disability Week, and the Changing Places campaign has stepped up a gear to reflect this; if you're interested in this campaign, please do visit the Mencap and Changing Places websites, and start kicking up a fuss about...
That's terrible, Myrtle - it's really horrible that you had that added worry on such a sad day.

Really hope the campaign takes off, for both carers and those we care for.
Hi Myrtle, and thank you! It's better than most names I get called Image
Hi Frandrake; Thank you so much for your reply and your interest. I'm really sorry to hear of your experiences, and its for that reason I wanted to bring the campaign to the attention of the forum. I only heard about these toilets at the beginning of this year, there are only 84 in the UK, but befor...