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Speaking at the Carers UK conference Phil Hope said: 'We must help carers maintain their own health and well-being and find better ways for the NHS to support them in their caring responsibilities. Caring can be a full time job – but, unlike a nine to five job, carers never stop working. It i...
thank you krys and caring mind , its great to be here and to be made to feel so welcome . Image
Just read this on another site , anyone from Ireland ? Some links on CA Abolition: http://www.carersnotjobseekers.info/?q=node/15 http://www.ippr.org.uk/pressreleases/?id=2961 Also found this article from 2004. It seems that five years ago Irish Carers Allowance was 153 euros a week and they got 100...
big hugs to each and everyone of you i say, you think you are the only person with problems,coping etc until you read some of the day to day living situations of most people in this forum , i take my hat off to you all .

thank you johnt, i'm really enjoying the forum , so much news , advice and lots of funny stories as well , great stuff Image
<t>When my mother was alive, she looked after my sister 24/7, i think she felt it was her duty , she brought her into this world so she would look after her .<br/> she never went to clubs , day centres etc social workers were a no no .<br/> Later when my mother had a stroke we moved in with them to ...
he he me too Image Image
thank you krys,its nice to be here , Image
thank you myrtle Image
<t>hi, my name is joyce, my husband and myself are carers for my sister who lives with us, she is both mentally and physically disabled .<br/> I have been reading all the topics and advice that has been given for a few weeks now,all of which has been interesting and helpful, so i finally decided to ...