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Hi yes if I'm correct it was borehamwood/elstree, I used to live there, apparently they have or used to have the only flock of monk parakeets there. But they have gone to all different places now.
Hi, also have a look at carehomes.co.uk I looked there when I was looking for a care home for my stepfather, I think also to contact your social services and explain your circumstances, Im not sure if your dads ss will have to be involved aswell, someone more knowledgeable will prob help, but they w...
Hi, I wonder if you contacted Macmillan cancer support, they may offer some help/advice on the best way to support you all.
Hope this helps, best wishes
Thanks for sharing eun I'm pleased you usually sleep OK but I appreciate the difficulty of the vent alarm, best wishes
Thanks for your replys all, yes I think that sometimes we forget that things can be difficult at night aswell and we can't function properly without sleep.
Yes, juggler that tenderhooks feeling is very stressful. My stepfather has a catheter bag aswell but he refused the nightbag so had to keep getting up! Not to mention when it got blocked at night, even now writing this I feel guilty about my negative feelings. :(
Hi all, just really want to share my thoughts on nightcare for the elderly with regards to living with the family. There has been a few posts past and present about elderly parents coming to live with us, I say us as I've been looking after my 92 yr old mother for just over two years and my step fat...
Hi I didn't want to read and not reply I can feel how desperate you are and I would be aswell, someone on here will know more than me but this is what may work, I would contact your gp community matron, if you have one, I don't know if its throughout the country, anyway you should get emergency resp...
Thanks Elaine and jenny, yes the sep anxiety is prob is not exactly over doing it, but its the nearest thing that I can explain what happens if you know what I mean, she knows she is like it and says she will try,for about 5 mins! Basically she is frightened that if anything happens to us, who would...
Thanks juggler that's very useful to know