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Sorry, i've been too busy caring for a while to keep up. I saw this posting and wondered why some hapless knucklehead from UKIP got all this flak, while a similar remark from the former Professor for the Public Understanding of Science at Oxford went unnoticed in these pages. Richard Dawkins (for it...
<t>Sorry, this is a bit late, and wifey and others have given such great answers, but I've found whenever something like this comes up, my first port of call is - Youtube. No, really. It's not all annoying cats and Russian dash-cams. My wife had was in hospital a couple of years ago, and came quite ...
Thanks to both No1 mum and sturdygirl for your best wishes. I did enjoy myself as long as I didn't think too hard about being .....well, the age I am!
Thank you very much for that - just got in from a small celebration, so a bit delayed in replying!
Rainy Day Women # 12 and 35 - Bob Dylan
Best of luck - I agree that's a good email!
<t>I realise that this was quite an old query, but it still looks "live". Anyhoo, today's Telegraph has a story (which I can't find in the online version, but is also at the front of this very website) that a report published by the care minister and an alliance of charities and employers has recomm...
Love Only Yields Aches And Loss

<t>I'm sure we've all noticed this creeping end to free Blue Badge parking everywhere. Apart from obviously making a fuss and appealing, why not check with disabled groups in Glasgow - were they consulted, and if not, why not? Was the signage actually there and legible at driver eye-level?<br/> Are ...
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