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A few years ago now , but when I contacted my Conservative MP complaining about Carers Allowance, his helpful response was that if it was him in my position, he would use his life savings as a top up because that is what you save for! I have not forgotten.
I've worked for a couple of care agencies and employed another 3 different care agencies in the past. They have all provided overshoes for their staff so you should not be having to buy them yourself. Contact the office and see if they can provide them for their staff at your property. Leave some by...
It’s fybogel, (S has it.) However, Chrissie I’d arrange a check up for your Dad just to be sure of what is going on. Severe constipation can interfere with the appetite and the diarrhoea may not be diarrhoea per se, but over flow leaking around a constipation blockage. Melly1 Thanks yes that's the ...
In my area the green bin collection service was cancelled for a month due to lack of contract HGV drivers. They have been asking excessive rates of pay due to shortage and supermarkets are cleaning up all available drivers leaving non for the local authority at an affordable price. I suspect the cov...
Hi Jonathan I suggest you try some disruptive follow up. Say something long the lines of making an entry in your diary. Can you have the name of the person and extension or email of who is dealing with it. Advise them if you haven't heard in a coupl e of days you will ring to follow it up. Repeat, r...
Hi Chrissie
Is your Dad prescribed anything like Fibrergel. There are a few versions and I may have the name slightly wrong but they are powder in sachets to ease constipation , available on prescription and possibly OTC at pharmacies.
I used to do part time care work -domicilliary
Hi Sallwilldoit, I have sent you a PM
Contact Adult Social Services and raise a safeguarding concern. You can ask not to be drawn into it so your father won't blame you for any consequences.
Great tip BB :D