Morning crocus, thanks for the welcome and it's nice to be remembered.
Morning bowlingbun, thanks for welcome and my mum is fine - my sister is looking after her at the moment. That has given me time to catch up on neglected chores and much needed sleep.

Hope you are both well :)
My membership lapsed. Thought I would reintroduce myself.
Happy New Year to everyone.
Looking after my elderly mum as best I can :)
<t>Unsure where to post.<br/> <br/> I have read many threads and posts and have felt liberated. In the sense people think/feel as I do.<br/> <br/> What is vulnerability?<br/> <br/> I can define my own, because I deal in 3's - It limits , so I can think:<br/> 1. Naivety - believing things will be ok!...
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Thank you Christine.
I can relate to your rhyme, rings true.

Very moving.

Take care
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