That's a great picture Pete :D
Hi Anthony and welcome. I've just read your other post and I stand in awe of what you gave up and what you are doing. Ask anything you need as someone will know.
Welcome and nice to have you here :D
Oh Wow! What a little beauty :D
Hope everything is ok, Sue.
I always vote and I wish I could find someone in the general election to vote for! We got the same old, same old who I have never voted for :angry:
But I did get the 2 I wanted in the locals, both Independent and both active FOR the community.
Stephanie, I read that in tears for you and I'm so sorry that I have nothing useful to offer you except my heartfelt sympathy. :cry:
Whoops! Did miss it! Happy belateds Bell and glad it's all good :D
Happy Birthday Charles :D
Happy Birthday Fran :D
Hope you had a brilliant day!