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<t>Skype, the best thing since sliced bread.<br/> I always use it for calls if I can, even in the UK.<br/> It is nice to see who you are talking to.<br/> I always make sure that I say "if it stops, I'll call you back", otherwise you will get<br/> engaged tone as the other person tries to call you ba...
Why don't you tell them that you are going to write to your MP about it. I would, and I would.
And a call to the local "rag" might get them the attention they don't want.
Nothing here.

Sent the e-mail. Waiting for the survey!!
Between £53 and £73K a year.

I had a letter like that about 2 months ago. I phoned them and they said it was a computer glich!! Nothing happened, it was paid into the correct account.
Have you or you family served in the armed forces? If so, contact British Legion or RAF Benevolent Fund.
<t>Change the deeds to "tenants in common", this can be done when you get a solicitor to write your will. What happens when one of you dies is that a portion (or share) in the property passes to your children. The surving spouse still has total control of the house and cannot be forced out or forced...
<t>Talking of computers, well I have a HP G70, 17 inch screen etc etc, running Vista and I have had no problems. I started out with a Tandy with 4 ROM way back in the late 70s. How things have progressed, do you know, my first Sinclair calculator cost over £100 (a very basic model).<br/> I digress,...
<t>Religion, in my "humble" view, is a load of cr*p. It causes untold misery, always has and always will. But it does benefit a "few". I think I will start a religion, you are free to come to my "church", but it will cost you £10 to leave. Oh, what a nice life I could have. Just look at the "God" c...