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hiya just feel the need to have a bit of moan and see if anybody has any suggestions. my husband is disabled has been for ten years now. already had four operations on his spine. hes now awaiting a fifth. things are really bad now. hes in constant severe pain. cant get out the house. on over a hundr...
thanks guys. ill give it a go x
hi ive got a form to fill in for family fund for the first time. just looking for bit advice really. do you just apply for a holiday or can you apply for several things ?
<t>hi d @d welcome to the forum<br/> caring can be very isolating and lonely. ive been caring for my disabled husband for ten years now. I go through times of feeling worthless and finding everything really difficult. often resent the lifestyle we have and crave a normal family life. Christmas and n...
hi adam
welcome to the forum.

<t>hey ya know wot i swear by facebook to keep me occupied n have a good old moan lol<br/> <br/> caring for a partner is like ultimate nitemare. we constantly bickering .. resenting each other. theres just no escape from it unfortunately.<br/> <br/> im lucky to have my daughters at an age where i ca...
awwwww sending you massive hugs. well done to you coping with the situation. i would have been totally stressed out then reduced to tears lol. my day hmmm a nite of very little AGAIN !!!!! but thursdays not a bad day. i meet a few friends for cuppa in local cafe for an hour ... me time yehhhhhhhhhh ...
youve certainly got your hands full then craig.
ive got three daughters 19 16 and 12 and thats hard enough

hi craig

hope u doing ok. can i just ask how many kids you have?

hey how u doing. ive not bin on much past few days. just quick flying visits.