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<t>Hello Jonjo<br/> Sorry I can't offer you any advice but just wanted you to know your situation has shocked me.<br/> I wouldn't have believed that it was possible for this to happen. I hope some of the advice others have offered you can help you get your daughter back. <br/> My thoughts and prayer...
Glad to share your good news Marie!
Well Done for seeing it through.
Take Care
Love Kaydee xx
<t>Dear Molly<br/> So sorry to hear your sad news. I read your post before and could tell how upset you were at the situation. <br/> I hope that you get some comfort when you are able to visit your brother in law's grave later.<br/> I'll be thinking of you and I hope you and your husband are bearing...
thanks Norman
Don't be so busy adding up your troubles that you forget to count your blessings.[/quote]

Never a truer word said Lola

Something I will try hard to remember everyday

Love Kaydee xx
<t>Yes Catwhit I have these feelings. And the guilt that goes with them!<br/> I think that one of the hard things to accept is wondering if there is going to be a point where I get my life back and will my children be grown up and left home without me having ever been able to get a day out with them...
<t>Hi Norman<br/> I know this is off topic but I like your idea of a baby monitor...my room is not on the same level as my mum's and thankfully we haven't had any problems yet with me not hearing her but its something I'll remember for the future.<br/> <br/> I did take up your idea sometime ago of u...
welcome Stephen
Your video was heart rending and I immediately signed the petition.
Thank you for sharing your story and campaigning for the benefit of so many people who are unable to do so but must be in similar circumstances.
Take care
Love Kaydee xx
thanks matt
i've added it onto my favourites just in case
love kaydee xx
Hi Molly
nice to hear from you,
How are you?
Love Kaydee xx