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It really is a tough situation, my heart goes out to you. My mother passed away six months ago. So I am glad such a sub forum is on via Carers UK forum. I seem to be coping fairly well, although at times it just hits me. I guess you can ask how I cope though. I am glad you are at least respecting pa...
Sorry Purge, but the title isn't clear. Are we talking about what surgeries should offer carers in regards to our own health and needs, or in relation to our caree? Or both? Hello Ladybird, I guess I should have made it clear from the start. Anyway I think the main point is "identifying carers" wit...
Thanks Greta,

Thats interesting. I am wondering if your brother has some care plan or on his medical record it should state the carers name and their wishes.

Perhaps I could check with Doctors surgery keeps a carers register
Hello all,

Thanks for getting back to me.

Reasonable adjustments sounds good, I could explore that.
Plus showing more compassion, can be looked at as well.

Anyone else got any burning questions that should be asked at a doctors surgery?
Hello Fellow Carers I am in the midst of doing some outreach to GP practices. I want to see what the GP practices should offer carers at least. So I have devised the following questions. 1. Are there any Carer leads at the Surgery? 2, How do they identify carers? 3. What Carer groups do they have? 4...
Has anyone suggested "Power of attorney" when financial decisions become difficult for him due to relapses?

This should be raised and discussed with his social worker or care coordinator. It should be included in the care plan at some point.
You know, I think its fine to rant out on this forum. No problem at all. I am also caring for a close relative suffering similar symptoms, but the illness would not be so difficult for us if we could just get the standard support, which is ok at times and then at times the support is almost non-exis...
So sorry to hear about the difficulties you have been going through. I am interested to hear what support you are getting. This is one thing carers tend to leave last, but its important you get emotional support yourself.
Glad to see things have been resolved. Make sure you attend the ward rounds so when he does come back into the community then you at least have some idea what is needed to provide care. I hope you can also get your carer's assessment as well. The care coordinator should do your assessment.
Hello Cristine,

I hope you managed to get through the holidays. We welcome for you to let us know, as crocus pointed out. It can be a holiday for those everywhere else, but for carers this cannot always be the case.