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The last time I checked I'm a male carer. Apart from the normal 'Dole Dosser' attitude from the less understanding I've not had a problem. Was talking to the Manager of our local Co-Op a month or so ago, and even though half the time I don't even get a chance to shave so Iook scruffy http://www.care...
<t>I guess I'm in the opposite boat, my better half always tells me she appreciates what I do for her, though times do get rough and we have our arguments. <br/> <br/> I do however sometimes feel like a third wheel when it comes to doctors, they sometimes barely listen to me when it comes to her hea...
<t>even though they've stopped the plastic ones, Lloyds pharmacy still do the cardboard weekly pill organisers. Have them do your main prescriptions (ie the ones that don't change that often) and they'll deliver you a weeks supply in a pill organiser. <br/> <br/> Its been great for me, I now don't n...
welcome to the forum,

You'll find that everyone is very nice here, and they don't bite (too hard) Image

I also have a partner with bi-polar, i fully agree it can be very hard but once the Doc got her on the pills that worked its pretty much settled down.

Don't despair this forum will not judge you. We are all carers that have to deal with all kind of things.
<t>I agree,<br/> <br/> We've done so many of these forms that its getting annoying. Every time we do it we feel scared they'll drop the award(s). <br/> <br/> I know its not alot of money especially since we get a motorbility car so we've lost the mobility money. But its a great help when it comes to...
Hell everytime I think of 2018 there will be no carer poverty. I keep thinking two things, 'God damn I'll be 38!' and 'Where the hell did they pluck 2018 out of the air from?'

I'll give them a read, though I've no idea what to study yet Image

Then again hell if its free learning might as well fill my head with stuff
I think they said it covers everything, DWP mistakes, Fraud, and just being late sending in info to them
<t>Forgot to reply about this my bad.<br/> <br/> <br/> Found out that the sudden drop is because my wife's DLA would of been ended (unless re-started) at Jan. I wish they would just let you know the reasoning behind any massive drops without us having to contact them. Also scary to think that if one...