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<t>its very interesting how many of us carers, have told our adult children that if the time comes that we need care that we would rather go into a care home than have them give up their lives looking after us. says it all i think.<br/> <br/> i just hope mine believe what i have asked of them and ca...
<t>i commend you for that Eun.<br/> <br/> however, there is always the question which i am sure you are well aware of. What happens when parents of disabled children are simply too old and physically unable to look after their children anymore.<br/> and of course when sons and daughters of elderly a...
<t>No No No, you are most definately not being unreasonable. you are right, the organisation of these carers, and all that goes with it is a nightmare.<br/> unless you ask your brother for exactly what you need from him, his head will stay in the sand. he is a man after all!! (sorry gentleman on thi...
thank you penny, very good campaign to support in my opinion, and good to have a high profile mother involved.

my names on and i will try and get others to support as well. x
the glow worm did it for me. xx
many thanks rosemary. Image

i have added my signature to the letter, can i urge you lovely people on this forum to do the same. thank you.
likewise Charles. have you any ideas how we can start a campaign or get involved with a campaign that maybe is already underway.
i just feel useless sitting back and doing nothing.
<t>sorry, but i keep thinking of things i feel i should have said in the first post.<br/> <br/> these people that receive ILF have to be on the highest band of DLA, so it follows that they are amongst the most severely disabled people in the country. however, it does not follow that they should not ...
just to say, if anybody has any ideas how to increase the awareness of this withdrawal of ILF, please share them. thanks.
<t>well done everybody on campaigning re the Mobility Allowance and the success with that.<br/> <br/> Now can we all look at the proposed abolition of the ILF.<br/> <br/> Just to fill you in re this benefit. ILF is paid to approx.21,000 people in the country. it is a benefit that people who received...