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i havnt been on for a whilethings are a bit well i wont go into it but Marion that was lovley i do love this site Molly
Thank you Lola i will try soon to find some soon Pete is a lot better thanks i hope you are ok Molly
Well Lola you have done it again thank you till next time Molly
Lola i really do i love to look and see if you have been on take care please keep posting Molly
Lola thankyou they were really nice some of them really have got to me because they are true i hope you dont get into trouble please keep posting Molly
Petes leg looks a lot better still a mess but not as wet looking the nurse will be back on friday .Thanks Rosemary for getting intouch i will have to go now Molly
<t>i am just waiting for the nurse to call and see petes leghe does seem better in himself i hope this is a good sign as his leg is covered up Lola you have gone quiet no more quotes or sayings? i look all the time for your postings i hope everybody else is ok i am feeling not to bad at the moment i...
<t>just a quick update we had 3 nurses and gp in the end they have put diffrent stuff on him now also he is back on tablets for it they are coming again tomorrow unless i need them today i hope not some good news my daughter has another baby in march this is her 10 th child she always wanted 10 so i...
<t>As some of you know my husband had a stroke among other things well 2weeks ago he was really ill with cellulitus in his bad leg when he was really cold a hot water bottle was putin his bed he didnt know it was touching well he burnt since then his leg has become a mess the distict nurse has been ...
here is one off the site you posted The past cannot be changed the future is still in your power .Molly