I am a 26-year-old carer for my father who has cirrhosis of the liver, atrial fibrillation, Barret's oesophagus, chronic hypertension, dead nerves in his leg, depression and urethral stricture He takes over 30 tablets daily and I am the one who sorts them and I support him to appointments as well as...
I attend a local creative writing group once a month and really enjoy it
shiela_1702 wrote:Congratulations.
Let me play the jealous girl if this were a movie scene :
"Oh my! Those are some beautiful......
nails you got there"

nails not the rocks(diamonds)
Thanks. I like the colour on my nails in that photo too.
Penny wrote:Very nice ring Cheryl. Hope you'll both be very happy. Xxx
Violet wrote:Congratulations Sheryl. I really love the ring too.
no1mum wrote:Congratulations, what a beautiful ring. x x
Thanks I really like it
susieq wrote:Congratulations Sheryl, I hope you'll both be very happy :)
Thanks. He is a really wonderful guy and I love him to bits
Pet66 wrote:Congratulations. How romantic! It's a gorgeous ring.
Thanks I really like it :D
MrsAverage wrote:Congratulations :P
It's so nice to have some good news from a carer
I agree. I really like it