I attend a local creative writing group once a month and really enjoy it
shiela_1702 wrote:Congratulations.
Let me play the jealous girl if this were a movie scene :
"Oh my! Those are some beautiful......
nails you got there"

nails not the rocks(diamonds)
Thanks. I like the colour on my nails in that photo too.
Penny wrote:Very nice ring Cheryl. Hope you'll both be very happy. Xxx
Violet wrote:Congratulations Sheryl. I really love the ring too.
no1mum wrote:Congratulations, what a beautiful ring. x x
Thanks I really like it
susieq wrote:Congratulations Sheryl, I hope you'll both be very happy :)
Thanks. He is a really wonderful guy and I love him to bits
Pet66 wrote:Congratulations. How romantic! It's a gorgeous ring.
Thanks I really like it :D
MrsAverage wrote:Congratulations :P
It's so nice to have some good news from a carer
I agree. I really like it
Henrietta wrote:Congratulations Cheryl. That's a really pretty ring :)
Thanks. I really like it :D