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There's a list of vulnerable people which many supermarkets are using to prioritise for deliveries. Your husband would be eligible. Sign up here.

Good luck, hope you get what you need.

Hi Kirsty, I am so sorry for all of you especially the kind couple who are now being made miserable by Granddad. His GP will not discuss him with you over the phone or even face to face but there's nothing stopping you writing a letter to express your concerns. Explain everything as you have done on...
Hi Judith, Your Mum will be frightened, of losing her independence, being ‘put’ in a Home, of losing her ability to cope, of losing everything she has always know, been able to do. Things you must NOT do:- Do not promise her she will not be ‘put’ in a Home, because one day that might be the only opt...
Buy her a 'Willow Tree Angel'. (Google it, lots of varieties). If she loves it, as I do mine, then you can add to the collection. Something that lasts and has a message.
Hi Annie, I read your post like this. I loved my nan and was happy to move in with her when my Aunt died to give her some companionship, TLC and general help. In return I was promised that I would inherit the house, keep my relationship going and have my own space. What you were looking at was Nan a...
Hi Natasha. I feel for you because you shouldn’t be in this position. My immediate feeling, and please understand that I have no wish to cause offence, is that you have been ‘groomed’ from an early age to ‘take care’ of your mother. The ‘leave me’ comments are just her way of putting pressure on you...
I = Icing on the Christmas cake.
Hi Dawn, Do you think that Mum is frightened of losing the company he provides, is 'brain washed' (sorry for that awful term but can't think of another at the moment) by him, or doesn't realise that she does not have to look after him at all. I wonder if a visit to an appropriate solicitor would she...
I remember my 'stocking' was once one of my Mum's nylon stockings, left at the bottom of my bed. (Long before tights were invented).
As a small child I used to find a sixpence in the toe.
What do you remember finding 'Father Christmas' had left you when you were small?
D= Decorations