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Tomorrow morning is my vaccine day, will be taking my NHS letter hope all goes well.
Well i managed to get a booking for a vaccine next tuesday morning and the second one for the very end of may, at my local vaccine hub lets hope bus is on time.
Still bad around here for getting a vaccine from my local hub been days now with no slots at all, well 1 or so pop up through the days may be its a cancelled slot but soon as i pick it up its gone.
Susan_210212345678910111213141516 doesn't matter you claim carers allowance you can book a vaccine on the nhs website now, thats if you can find a vaccine hub local to you or if you are willing to travel for it.
Yes i am also having the same issue here, had a NHS letter, wanted to book in for the vaccine, just nothing near me, well for the local vaccine hub, just not enough volume.
Just had to cancel my vaccine dates because it conflicts with a date i have for my second dose, so now i will have to wait till at least sunday now to book again, so the dates don't conflict again, The place on the list of vaccination centres i can travel to is the closest one to me, but i know othe...
Just done my online booking for a 2 weeks from today, closest place i can get to because of transport, a bit of a wait but still a result.
At my doctors surgery website is bad, with any news update on the on going of the vaccine progress, still only show this "we are currently vaccinating Priority Group 2 (all those 80 years of age and over and frontline health and social care workers) We hope to have contacted and vaccinated all patie...
Judith please come back and let us know of the out come.
Still as the catheter in, he had a letter last week for outpatients but he already had a appointment with the doctors annual checkup same day as the hospital outpatients, so he went to rearrange the outpatients appointment, said he needs to wait now not sure why and they will sent another letter at ...