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i believe the question was..`jade goody whats your view`pippin has gave his john..yes or no. asright or wrong you may feel it is.
[quote]Never heard of this plan. Is it England only?[/quote

the only way i found out was on here.i believe rosemary posted it,so check back posts,but i imagine rosemary will see this and respond.
RBS, caught something on the news. He says government says it ok for him to take his pension. Anyone got a problem challenge the law. Says it all really http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_sad.gif in other words tought titties to the people who got caught out.wonder what brown says now??if it`s not...
sorry pete i forgot your really old http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_lol.gif i cannot get ca either as i also have a problem or two,and a small pension, not old age pension.but i wonder if the gov would really waste time and money just to penilise?? the folk on benefits. ?if they took advantage o...
then dump your tv and save on licence fee.
Pa! I couldn't even afford a funeral plan!!! £15 per mnth is out of the question. I have no insurance now either. So when I kick the bucket I hope the state will give me a pauper's burial. Thats if they still do such a thing?? Pete http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_redface.gif but pete your go...
to all...try the off button when it`s on the tv.
and change your paper.
I would rather the cash if they have owt left be given to the ROYAL MAIL and then give it to me
you would only put it under the matress with the rest of your loot george Image
<t>i`m not sure i heard right,but yesterday g.brown said he would get the money stopped even if it ment going to the courts and todays news they said he will try and get it reduced,bit of a turn around again.<br/> in an earlier post lowrider i believe said somthing about rich peoples kids and what t...
<t>my wife has a cathater in all the time which was always bypassing and the dn told us we could not get a supply of inco pads and that we had to buy some of the linen type washable ones,bearing in mind we had an air mattress to help prevent bed sores,so of course with that type of pad in she ended ...