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Its nothing to do with the Ravens, its all us 'fat bastards' weighing the country down Image
<t>May 2012 I applied for ESA after a complete mental breakdown<br/> Aug 2012 WCA <br/> Jan 2013 ESA assesment rate stopped after 365 days if JSA/ESA<br/> May 2013 Decision maker awarded 0 points<br/> Reconsideration requested<br/> Autumn 2013 decision remains unchanged by reconsideration<br/> Tribu...
Coming 4th at my local riding school dressage (horse ballet) test, despite falling off...
Makes complete sense to me.

I believed every time my bosses left the office that they were talking about me and how terrible I was at my job. No amount of 'being reasonable' in my thinking would sway me.
Nobody said it would, but it can help make it easier to deal with
I wrote my affirmation on a sticky label, well, several sticky labels and put them were I would see them often during the day - computer monitor, steering wheel of my car, the fridge. ?.
Many thanks for all the responses.

Frankly im not bothered whether somebody thinks it's weird to love animals as much as family, its how I've been raised.
<t>My son was diagnosed with psychogenic non eplileptic seizures about 8 years ago when he was 10. It started around a time of a lot of upheavel in the family. His school were happy for him to attend, but on condition I was on call to go there if he had a seizure. Between us we worked out that his D...
<t>I have Borderline Personality Disorder, until recently, my partner was my carer, making sure I got up, dressed and showered, ate and drank regularly when I was down and helped me manage my emotions. He would also escort me to unfamiliar places and help me go shopping or out for a coffee.<br/> <br...