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<t>Colin had been on his own for 12 years,carrier bags of 'stuff'everywhere. I got rid of a lot of it when we moved,but he discovered the 'joys'of bid-tv. Now there are boxes of things everywhere instead. 3 kettles,2 toasters,etc.<br/> <br/> The really hard part is that he actually thinks he is help...
Of course it doesn't help that I am blessed with a man like Mr Trebus! I can't begin to tell you how many times I've herd the phrase 'that might come in handy one day'
Image LOL at pixienubbins

I cant get much else under the bed,but I definitely cant get into the loft at the moment.

Why is it that however big your house is,there is never enough room for all your stuff?
I keep all the Christmass stuff in a big box under the bed,wrap,cards decs etc. That way you always know where it is.

Bluebird and Mand,you dont have to be very artistic or creative,I'm not,its just cutting out and glueing,but it is relaxing
I get my husbands home help to peel and chop a selection of veg for me once a week. I keep them in plastic bags in the fridge and they last several days. The only thing that doesnt last is potatoes,so I get her to do those each day.
<t>Some Craft Suppliers that sell blank card stock also sell the offcuts,ie the oval or square cut outs from 'frame 'type cards.They sell them by weight,so you get loads of different shapes and colours.We have used these in the past to either stick cut up cards to,or to decorate ourselves with glitt...
Hello everyone,I am in my early 40s and care for my partner who has Diabetes,and is in end stage Renal Failure. He also has a selection of other problems. I suffer from Diabetes myself,as well as sleep apnoea.Normally I also work full time,but I am currently off sick,having nearly lost my arm in a c...