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Thanks to all that voted but sadly we did not win Image
Real shame,awaiting info on who did
Oh they cannot have the web sites and the domain name is your to.
For that tell them to stuff it
I would just change the name,if you don't have as yet a huge following then no big deal. Annoying yes but thats life,the big boys protect their brands. I also do a on line station on Blog Talk Radio,also have hosts that do their shows. Never going to big a lot of money but its fun and gets the media...
If you have not voted all voting closes at 10 am tomorrow. http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_eek.gif Regardless of the subject matter a vote helps shows that two ordinary local lads can both write a book and get it published plus compete with the big boys. In my case, one part of the two all while...
Image thanks
Thanks all,it seems to be going well. Would love to be at the awards night but £165 a ticket plus travel and hotels http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_confused.gif However if we win we have a friend of ours Alison Wynne Ryder of tv show The Rescue Mediums who is there and she will collect. With gri...
Thanks to all who have voted and those that sent me PM.
Afraid i have been laid low by a stomach bug,really wiped me out. Image
Spent yesterday jusy dozing in the chair inbetween caring duties,they never stop
Again thanks
A book i co authored is in the finals of a national competition. The only people that matter in this competition are YOU the public. There is no panel of judges, the award is from The Peoples Book organisation and that sums it all up. The winner is decided only by the public. So please follow the li...
My local gym,Alnwick,for some reason took away a Blue badge parking area to install a chargng zone for cars Image
No idea why
Not a fan of green. Think in the main it is good marketing and blinkers. But with a open fire we recycle scrap wood and paper,card. Alway try to use every scrap of food rather then throw away and big fan of Freecycle and Freegle. However that as i am cheap,not green http://www.carersuk.org/images/ic...