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Hi Julie ... Welcome! Unfortunately, your mother needs to be made to realise that the "option" of staying in her own home with you looking after her is NOT an option (for all those reasons you have listed in your first post). Her two real options are to (a) stay in her own home with the help of care...
It sounds as if they will both be self-funding, so it may be useful to read AgeUK's factsheet on the subject: https://www.ageuk.org.uk/globalassets/age-uk/documents/factsheets/fs10_paying_for_permanent_residential_care_fcs.pdf I would imagine that your mother is coming to the end of her 12-week prop...
This has been one advantage of my mother's care home being in "special measures" - no new residents have been allowed since last year (occupancy is now under 50% of the norm!).
We are currently right in the middle of arranging a DPA for my mother. All the agreement says is that the deferred amount must be paid back to the LA within 90 days of her death. We already know that this would probably not be possible from the actual sale of her property, as it is rented out, so wi...
My mum's care home now buys in all their meals from Apetito - Mum is not impressed!
Have you done any research into neurological care centres? I've had had a quick trawl around the internet and, on the whole, they seem bright and modern and take those aged from 18 upwards - perhaps not the elderly residential care home that you and your mum are envisaging?
Just remembered ... our supermarket also stocks a small range of casserole-type meals that come in sturdy pouches. No refrigeration of freezing required and will reheat in the microwave (we used to use them when boating as there was severely-limited frig space!).
I freeze a lot of meat-based casseroles. Single portions (in a Tupperware or similar) should be put in the microwave first on the "Defrost" setting until now longer frozen and then I find reheating on the "Medium" (rather than "High" setting) is much better. You can also freeze portions of mashed po...
Have a read of this section of the Shelter website:

https://england.shelter.org.uk/housing_ ... e_homeless
In case it's of any use to anyone, just wanted to say that we have this week made contact with our LA and our request for a loan-type DPA is now going through the "system". No problems so far - fingers crossed!