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Hi everybody!
I've been a full time carer for 18 years and decided to join up as I'm having a few issues now. Hopefully you guys can help me and I maybe can help other back.
Thanks for the replies guys. Basically I need to have a new joint fitted as my left knee is worn out. My big problem is that I have to lift my wife up and about it it puts a huge strain on my joints, non of which are up to much!
we have tried respite on a couple of occasions, never again I would rather eat soup for the rest of my life.
Too right Vicky! We tried respite it was nothing but a disaster. Theres no way I'd ty it again. Unfortunately I need my knee opperating on so I'm in a conundrum at the moment.
ok will do Image
<t>My knee is basically f****d and I need to have an opperation and get it sorted. this will put me out of action for I don't know how long. What do I do about caring for my wife? I have to dress her, help her on and off the bog etc, she needs special care that I'm in tune with. Her going into a hom...
Excuse the pun, but the man is blinded by his own stupidity.
<t>Nice link, but I do find him very hard to read.<br/> Not sure about others, but I think this white/green (lets face it it should be brown!) paper really shows is just how massively out of touch with life in this country the government and their leaching employees are living in their rich, comfy, ...
I feel the last post is going to chuck a Spanner in the work's.
I hope I am proven wrong.
I think it was...no carer could possiably be that blinded could they????
Anybody else feel like resurecting Guy Faulks and letting him have another try? LOL
Well John, you can always vote Green and be part of the future of British politics...... Brilliant idea! and I'd really look forwards to the day when it costs many pounds per mile in taxes to move, food in shops will be 5 times the price it is now to pay for those taxes, and god knows how much in e...