im on carers allowance as hubby is on high (enhanced) pip. im also on pip middle standard rate but hes too sick to care 4 me so i get dissability premium. My husband claims esa for both of us but NONE of us work at all. HORROR story i hear is that now im hearing as a carer If universal credit comes ...
Henrietta wrote:Hi Shandy,
Personally I was never into dolls, it's dogs for me LOL
What's your doll's name?
Ty. Arabella
Henrietta wrote:Ahh gorgeous
ty !!
susieq wrote:Shandy your little black cat reminds me of my 'special' boy (long gone now, sadly)
Sooty 1999.jpg
my current companion is Harry (also my avatar)
dont disturb.JPG
sad xx rip
Nice xx
Does anyone have any ingenious ideas how to dry the back of a wheelchair user's legs & bottom after a shower? Dad uses a shower chair & on a good day can push his bottom up from the seat so I can push a towel underneath & he can sit back sown on it. I worry though about skin fragility (not so much ...
does anybody here own a reborn doll I have one because I cannot have children I even have nappies for her and the baby clothes she is adorable and cuddly
sunset wrote:IF you were a sweet what would you be, i would be a choc eclaire hard outside soft centre
lol a sherbet fountain
My other baby!
:D see my babies