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Do they make sure that the bottom bedsheet is relatively crease-free? Bed attire too, as much as possible.
If they are turning people, to they pull the bed linen and bed attire down straight?
Ok HoneyBadger, consider it done! Took me 7 Happy Birthdays, though!!!!!!!! xx
That's got a lot to do with it, BowlingBun. No shows or seeing all our mates. My 2 neighbours are pretty much in each other's pockets, they attend each others' bbq evenings and are very erm......ladylike ladies. ie. they don't 'get' me cos I'm into old engines and motor racing and suchlike, I'm not ...
Our shop too has all the precautions put in place. Donations have to be phoned through to our shop, before we can accept them and steaming every item of clothing is an everyday procedure in our shop anyway. Fran just feels guilty that's all, for not going in to help, as they love my Little Miss Orga...
Gone with the Wind
Gavin and Stacey
27 Dresses

Yes, really, it's a shrub, has white flowers.
I have really been isolating since mid-February, when boyfriend and I were 98% sure that we had a mild form of virus (shortness of breath, dry coughing etc). These days I go out, with mask on, only to supermarket once a week, or out in a vehicle if he has to fetch something, like building materials ...
Sorry to be so late.

What letter are we on now????? Lost track.
Hello Late hubby and I used to live in Mold, but moved to England as the NHS services were so much better and quicker than those in North Wales. Everything I asked for used to be questioned and had to be verified, but when we moved to England in 2009??, whatever we needed, we just got - without the ...
I was only informed that I was entitled to Carer's Allowance during year 7 of 12 years of caring for tetraplegic hubby. We'd had several visits from the SS over the years previous to that, but nobody informed me of it. I didn't know that there was such a thing. Wasn't backdated either and no apology...