Hahahahahahahahahahahah! :lol:

Vi you do make me giggle. Thankyou :blush:

The Rhino falling off the hook is the least of my worries :) but mum saying it made me giggle too.

Big Rhinos Always Wear Lilac

<r>Hahahahahahahahahahahah!! <E>:lol:</E> <br/> <br/> Hi Violet.<br/> <br/> He is over my bed, the first thing mum said to me this morning is " good lord Sammy if that thing comes loose you will be found the next morning slaughtered in your bed by a Rhino!! "<br/> <br/> But now you have given me oth...
Hi Mumwhocares

I think in this situation you should contact the doctor that diagnosed you and see if he will re-evaluate you?
Hope you get the result you want :)

Cats Lean On Useful dogs

Hi Koala.

They sound beautiful :blush:

Thankyou again

<t>Hi Dave <br/> <br/> You should send your first post to 10 Downing Street. It may have the same effect on those there as it did me here. <br/> <br/> Don't be lonely because now you have reached out to the carers here and most of them are lovely people like yourself. They will support you ..I know ...
Omg omg omg !!! Thankyou Koala!!

I love them Thankyou so much !! You made my heart smile :)