Wow It's really really nice to hear from all of you. Just shows how many of us are in the same boat. Wouldn't have it really any other way, I think I would have more worries if my Dad was in a home than in my care. The good news is that I am able to affor...
Hi Susan Just sending my best regards to you, I hope you find the right support. Hope camhs help. Just to let you know although I now care for a parent, I had M.H. probs when I was a teen and I've got bipolar. It's really harsh at first but I found that the little things helped me, along with some g...
Hi I'm a young-ish carer (33yrs) been caring for a parent since I was 26. Are there any other people on here who are my age? I only know one other carer my age and it's good to talk.
Sending my best wishes to all you guys
Charliee x
Your research sounds really interesting. I'm a carer for someone but I have a mental health condition, would that be of use to you?