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Had a fab time and more good times are planned. There has been a bit of a shift in the balance and the other lot are backing off a bit. Perhaps someone has appealed to their better nature. Court postponed for now in the hopes that everyone can settle down and just get on with things. Lines of commun...
Finally got to spend a few hours with him today Image
Absolutely agree! It's been in the hands of solicitors for months but I think that the 'other side' took advantage of the Christmas and New Year break. It goes back to court in a few weeks but if they are still saying that he doesn't want to see me then there's very little I can do it seems.
Unfortunately his father and his family have stopped me from seeing him. I miss him more and more each day. I haven't seen him for several weeks and when I try to speak on the phone he is usually being listened to http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_sad.gif I hope everyone is right that he will 'see...
Hi everyone. Apologies that my visits to this forum have been few recently. I never expected to find myself posting in this section I can tell you. Miracle Boy has continued to make very good progress and now he has decided that he would rather live with his dad than carry on living with me http://d...
Would you prefer snow Image

Since having my daughter at the age of 19 my whole life has been trying to juggle work and being a mum.I have seen many changes in the 33years of caring for Emma,many improvements.(perhaps not as many as there should have been,)in services .So sad now to see the rug pulled from under our feet with ...
Hi Sue, you sound very cool, calm and collected ... what's the secret??

If it wasn't for my GP my son would be dead. Sounds dramatic but it is true. He listened when the so called specialists didn't. God bless him.

My Jill had mini strokes two & a half years ago which caused Vascular Dementia. She did improve quite a lot (the brains a clever piece of kit) but she's not the girl that I married 44yrs ago, I have to look after her 24/7 and some days I think I'm going mad stuck in doors so much. I have an awful j...