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It's a bit like that joke
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I agree with Scally all of the freedom writing and taking photos doing something that you really love.
<t>Hi all.<br/> It has been a very hectic and trying few months with my wife's physical health, I'll explain more at a later date.<br/> I need some advice on medical records as I don't think that my wife's GP is being completely honest, I have been doing some research into it and it's says that the ...
Hi all.
My wife is on high rate mobility and high rate care components, would it be possible to get a part time job for about £20 per week I don't know what the rules are as the benefit enquiry line has been closed down.
Thanks Mark.
<t>Hi all,<br/> <br/> Just when I thought that things couldn't get any worse, our pet dog has had to be put down, it all started a few weeks ago when she a bug or virus so they gave her some antibiotics and also someting for her stomach which did help, we forgot about it for a little while until her...
Does anybody know if you can add photos onto a post
Thanks Mark
Does anybody know if it is possible to add photos onto a post.
Thanks Mark.
<t>Hi all,<br/> I am really struggling to be a carer at the moment, getting tired of th day to day things that I have got to do, just cant get my mind to work and really just end up leaving things because I just cant be bothered, it is really statrting to get to me now, my wife and I are having rows...
<t>Hi all,<br/> I don't always have the time to get onto the forum, but I thought that I would give you an update on what has been going on, since my last posting I have managed to get another consultant who is a lot better and understanding towards my wife, a new doctor for her and seem to get on r...
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