Thanks Everyone ,
I had a lovely Day .
My first cinema treat was Calamity Jane , thats going back a bit, at our local flea pit , must have been about 4 at the time .
Happy Birthday Bowling Image x
<t>Jenny , <br/> Have you spoken to SS about things sorry if you have & i missed it , i still think you should reconsider Sheltered again even if its in MILs area , my Dad has onsite carers 4 calls a day + 2 pop in calls through the night its not perfect by any means but im returning to be his d...
I feel love...Donna Summer
<t>Eun, <br/> Yes you do have a right to your opinion , but as far as taking resources from those that need them more , chance would be a fine thing in our case .As you stand your Rs corner so do i for mine, i hide this from everyone for fear of getting the reaction i got from you ,but being a carer...
<t>Jenny said"So with any addiction, self discipline is the key ,if its hard , well tough "<br/> <br/> Well you have touched a nerve here, if only these things were that easy to do, & before you jump to the wrong conclusion, its not me but someone very close , who i love unconditionally Alcoholi...
Sussex , that will suit me , i will start saving up now Image