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<t>Childcare for disabled children ? Don't make me laugh ! When our eldest was born he was clearly disabled, though he wasn't formally diagnosed until he was three, and we couldn't even get a babysitter ! Between him coming home from hospital at 3 weeks and his 8th birthday, my husband and I never h...
Hope Alex and Sarah have a brill time too (I don't mean fish)
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Thanks, Rosemary - excellent advice as usual, and it's hard to think of all these things when you're in the thick of it.
<t>Residential school for our 13 year old son ? He's severely autistic. He makes our lives a misery, smashing things up if he doesn't get his own way. He isn't actively violent but he can be both dangerous and scary. His current school is teaching him in isolation most of the time out of concern for...
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Can you give us the website address ?
What a terrific idea that club is ! I wish there was something like that for older children where I live. Who runs it, Excalibur ?
I understand the government feels healthy, stress-relieving exercise is good for everyone - even carers ! I was merely suggesting a possible form of exercise for which a bucket and spade would be useful, if not exactly essential . . . http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_biggrin.gif http://www.carers...
Welcome to you from another parent of a non-verbal autist - my elder son, who is 13, and who is developing all kinds of new problems as he hits puberty ! I've found this forum a real boon since I joined about a month ago: hope you also find it helpful and friendly.