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yes we are...its 15 years since I lost mine, but they just laugh at you, but can throw millions of pounds to richer countries than us with Foreign Aid
I am not in the least embarrassed by my wife's dilemma I have cared for 20 years so I know the score but unfortunately those in power regard my ilk as a itch to scratch nothing more the details of my talking points are mainly about her personal issues of toiletry that offend me asking how many times...
I have only recently been told about this, and got the form, my god what an intrusive document it is and I am actually appalled
bu some of the questions, especially those about personal care.
Is there anyone out there that can help me fill in this form without my head exploding
To be perfectly honest recollections are now vague due to the time involved I know they gave me a date but cannot remember any consultations with any authorities, I have been disgusted by the whole issue for many a long year, as i am with the whole process.. no designated NHS nurse to oversee her we...
it does not surprise me one iota. as I have had to deal with my wife's issues solely on my own since she came out of hospital, arriving in a Ambulance and virtually dumped on my doorstep I have neither seen hide nor hair of any support from the NHS ...I AM A STATISTIC that is mentioned on a piece of...
how much Is Carers Allowance these days? I think it was around £46 pounds when mine was stopped when I reached 65.
blimey....... Bahrain, takes me all my time to afford SKEGGY these days :D :D
these last two years have been the worst, eldest Son died suddenly,youngest Son struggling with health problems blaming himself for his brothers death, now my disabled wife is having treatment for breast Cancer........wonder where my lucky star went to????
been trying to get this to no avail at the moment.......I am on the point of giving up, fed up with it all , lost my carers allowance nearly 13 years ago, and they are had to fight for that, people up the street get it and he although disabled, bears no resemblance to my wifes considerable demise......

But I find this so difficult to understand, when a MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT can get a very good salary and expenses + on top......... so they get two bites of the cherry, but I have to make do with one :-???