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hi , ive just checked my online bank and both myn and my sons xmas bonus's have gone in .. i got no letter either , just went in without any notice .. 4/3/2009 went in ..

see you from kerry ..
love that sweet shop , might get some sweets from there .. not had those liqourice torpedos and the liqouric comfots for donkeys years i love liqourice .. thanks for adding that sweetshop excalibur ..
see you from kerry ..
thats great i will do , im not sure if im registered with flickr though , if im not registered i will get registering straight away ..

see you from kerry .....
i know we have not got ours yet , dla xmas bonus or carers xmas bonus .. looks like march for both of ours .. see you from kerry ..
this winter fuel money , is it only for people claiming income support ? ..
we have 2 children under 5 and thomas is on dla middlerate care and low rate mobility .. we claim chid tax credit .. non of us claim for income support ..

see you from kerry ..
<t>my husband is dyslexic , he has taught himself to read , he can't write propauly and his spelling is still very poor , just like that of a child .. he had a statement of specail needs when he was in his teens , he is 39 years old this year .. he hardly got any support from his school , his school...
Why can't we face the truth? Having an autistic child wrecks your life ... here is a link to the news article .. please also read the comments 77 so far .. http://www.facebook.com/ext/share.php?s ... HA&u=Z6iMH my eldest son is autistic , yes he is hard work and we are going through a tough time at...
in the bbc news about the white paper today - dated tuesday 9th december ..

that is wonderful news !! thankyou ..

see you from kerry ..
Chancellor's pre-Budget announcement 24 November 2008 The Chancellor has announced an additional payment of £60 to those customers who usually receive a £10 Christmas Bonus. The increase will be paid automatically in the New Year to those customers who qualify. Customers do not need to apply. ...