Thank you to all that have signed this petition and passed it onto others
the petition will be removed on Sunday 19th April at 12pm
many thanks to all
good luck
Hi Danny and welcome
Lots of great people on here to talk to

Hope you have a great day
Hi Karin and welcome
these forums are here to help and for people to get things off their chest
so you carry on lots of good people here to listen and help
Sorry to hear you got shingles Lazydaisy, that is nasty,
you know where to find if you need a chat.
Hi Dean and welcome
That is great news John
wishing you and Pat all the best
I had to speak to Carers Allowance office today, and after my enquiry was finished
they volantarily told me about the £60 bonus and it will be paid with my carers allowance in March.
We have a pledge from a centre in the area, to see what they can do ref refreshments
seeing if local carers would be able to put travelling carers up if needed, Seeing if any local
celebrities would like to be guest speakers, baners, media, etc