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thanks crocus i have been outside myself today and it was good. just have to stop listening for the phone. i've also just been on the roll call and members site found some help there, don't feel its " just me" any more. going to see Eddie Izzard in liverpool tomorrow so that should be good.
thank you bowlingbun that sounds like a great idea
your replies have so far been very helpful.can you tell me is it wrong to want a day to yourself once in a while? what do others do if you get a bit of me time to try and recharge your batteries. i hope i don't sound too sorry for myself but i would really appreciate your input.
just want to say thank you for the replies. it does help to know that other people have similar feelings and to know how you have coped with them.it is good to have someone else to talk to. many thanks once again.
<t>is it wrong to feel resentment at having to care for my mum. her problems are not as bad as many i have read about on this site but i feel as if my whole life revlves around her. i have a husband and daughter who are being very understanding but i feel as if i am letting them down as well.how do ...
hello i've been told to join roll call can someone tell me how ? thanks
hello i'm new to this like you.we both posted messages at about the same time.its nice to know there are other people about in the same position.
hi i'm new to this site. i look after my mum who has arthritis diabetes and anaemia. my problems are small compared to a lot of people but i'm not coping very well and would welcome advice and company.