Oh dear I haven't a flippin' clue what you lot are on about?
Snow scene card 007.JPG
This is my favorite watercolour card that I painted some years ago now.
He's lovely Sue, just the ticket! :)
Its logged straight into 'Members Corner' the last two days no probs.
BAH! Cant get into Members Corner again damn it!!! :mad: :mad: :mad:
OK Sue message received loud and clear! :D x
I've updated my password, logged out and back on again and STILL I cant get into Members Corner?
Time 12:21 pm Wed Aug 17.
Thank you Michael. :)
Pet it wont let me in to read your reply? :mad:

Just says ''Your not authorised to read this forum''. :roll:
Now it wont let me ''Edit'' my post!

''You cannot edit posts in this forum.'' :mad:

I was trying to correct it to ''Members Corner.''