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Have sent them an e-mail, thanks again.
Thanks thats interesting, my grandad(still alive) was in the Navy, and i'm not sure if it counts but 3 uncles were in the army, got a cousin in the marines??

Do they have a web address i could have a look at?
<t>We decided that it wouldn't take much for us to put in a downstairs toilet ourselves as there use to be one a long time ago here before we moved here but it was took out but the plumbing is still there.<br/> <br/> Its really the garden i need doing as we need somewhere safe for him to play as its...
<t>Thanks for the replies, we don't have a social worker and the last time i spoke to my HV wa in November when she cancelled her home visit once again, so we have really been left in the lurch.<br/> <br/> Social services didn't seem interested in helping us with anything, we asked for a downstairs ...
<t>I have two disabled children, 2 year old was born with no immune system so he constantly picks up illnessess and my 5 year old is Autistic and also has mobility problems.<br/> <br/> Anyhow i would love our back garden to be made safe for our children, especially my two year old as our garden is g...
my son had cellu;itis last year from his hand all the way to past his shoulder he ended up in hospital on ivs for just over a week then 3 more weeks on oral antibiotics, it hasen't left any scarring though.
<t>Hi, i live in the Manchester area, and social services gave us a childs commode a couple of weeks ago as we had no down stairs toilet and one of my sons has trouble getting up thw stairs due to hypermobility of the kegs.<br/> <br/> Anyhow were having a downstairs toilet put in so we have no need ...
ive had two this week already and one a couple of weeks ago, don't even bother getting more than the first couple of lines before i delete.
signed up me and my hubby and also posted it on moneysavingexpert.com to generate more petitioners.
count me in aswell, i think the system needs an overhaul aswell where you can only get paid to care for one person, i have two disabled children both under 5 yet i can only get paid to care for one of them, yet they both get the same care and time spent caring for them.