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Londonbound's suggestion of contacting PALS ( Patient Liaison Service) is a good one. You can find their contact for your Hospital through the web.
PALS have always been extremely helpful to me AND very prompt in replying. Suggest you give it a try. Hope you get on well.
I don't know what the Council's duties are re Carers. I would just like to know whether there is a support line for Carers to phone when they feel like they don't know where to turn next or what to do. I don't mean the actual care. I am my husband's full time carer but the 'lockdown' seems to be hav...
We live in what is now called Independent Living For Later Life. Formerly Sheltered Housing. The Manager is off sick Our Borough Council and other Agencies have been simply wonderful in their offers of help for shopping etc if needed.. My husband is disabled with a permanent neuropathy of legs and b...
Some Supermarkets have made special times available for the Elderly, NHS Workers and some others.
Our local Borough Council (Runnymede) have been incredibly helpful in very many ways. Offers of shopping, collecting prescriptions, a listening , caring ear. They have been really supportive.
Reading your posts it is so obvious that all of you, despite the things which are changing or have changed, have a deep seated love for your husband. This is a gift which nothing can take away from either of you. When my husband ( of almost 51 years) became slightly altered in personality because of...
My husband has been extremely fortunate. When the LA increased his charges by 11.5 % with no discussion I sent an email to the CC for Adult Social Care. She came out to visit. Following her visit the Senior Assessor came out and did a new assessment. The result is his monthly cost has been quite con...
Melly, would it be worth asking your GP to write to those who issue the Blue Badges?
My GP did that and told them why I needed one even though you would not think so from any outward appearances ( except grimacing with pain! :) )
They gave me one and it's an enormous help.
Try it?
She is absolutely not degree level :D Unless these days you don't need to exercise your brain to get a degree?!
My children could spell better when they were 7 years old.
I do agree with that bowlingbun. Of course with regards to the literacy bits I'm probably too demanding. My husband tells me that the sort of computers they are given to use don't have 'spell checks' :o I thought they were standard with every computer? There's also a site called Grammarly which is w...
I'm really grateful for the advice given here and am just going off to post my letter to the Locality Team Manager now! I do know that he always deals with things very efficiently and promptly. I just hope I don't get this girl into trouble but they really do need to do employee appraisals. Thanks a...