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<t>My disabled son is 15 and we’ve decided he’s staying on at school till he’s 19 basically because haven’t got a clue what will happen after school. Although college has been mentioned, I can’t see it somehow (he's basically a baby). <br/> <br/> I’m dreadin...
how about self reliant chocoholics?!
Sssh! We don't want them hanging that over our heads, do we?
<t>*Update*<br/> <br/> I logged into my personal bank account today to find that on 4th March, £60 was deposited into my account. I thought it would have arrived together with my 4-weekly payment of Carers Allowance.<br/> <br/> This prompted me to check my joint account. My son has received his Ã...
We are both still waiting as well. My disabled husband received a letter from DWP today which says he will get the payment by the end of March - at least he was informed - I have not http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_lol.gif I will check my bank. Today, I've received a letter on behalf of my son'...
I've just checked our joint account where our son's DLA goes as it's due in today.

January - no £60 bonus
February - no £60 bonus
March - no £60 bonus

I guess come 1st April, they'll tell us it was all a big joke.
<t>Oh, I don't know Lazydaisy. They don't advertise the fact; there's nothing that suggests it on their website. But I'll ask at the surgery tomorrow.<br/> <br/> I don't know about home visits. I don't ask for them because years ago my husband called for a home visit for our youngest and was told we...
<t>I'm totally with you on this frandrake.<br/> <br/> What you've written is also the point I've been trying, unsuccessfully, to hammer home to my mother who is under the illusion that I'm somehow going to be able to care for her in her old age AS WELL AS caring for my disabled son. Just where does ...
<t>I loved reading this book. There's so much truth in there.<br/> <br/> I loved it so much I bought another one for my mother to give her a clue that the reason I won't be able to care for her and/or Dad* in their old age is NOT personal but situational: I have a severely disabled child who will ne...

It was from the same sender that pam r received and it has now been removed, I assume, from Admin, as suggested in the sticky post.
I've just got one, too.

I wonder if it was I received a few weeks ago but by the time I got here to read it, it was deleted. This one hasn't been.

I assume, many members on here have been sent the same PM?