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Jenny's right. I do agree that the safest thing to do would be to hire someone from a care agency to ensure that the person being hired has no criminal records etc.
I agree with the previous replies. Great thoughts bowlingbun!
Grimly, that is because drugs are cheap, and psychiatrists' time is very expensive.....and there are woefully insufficient number of the latter, and counsellors, therapists etc. (I think the same of anyone with cancer, actually - as my husband had - that it was far cheaper for the NHS that he died,...
How about putting cctv cameras all over the house specifically in her room where you can access it remotely so that when she pushes the panick button, you'll just see how she's doing and know if she is really in an emergency or not.
It's so sad knowing about that Elizabeth. Yes,some healthcare do such awful things to us who are in need of their help. It's so frustrating I know.
I agree, there needs to be more understanding of people's feelings, and how to deal with them, in school, especially when there are so many different types of family, one parent, etc. etc. My grandson's infant school is very supportive, very caring, a real nurturing place, but not all schools are l...
In this sort of situation, it's vital to alert the bank and ask them to freeze the account until further notice. You may never get the money back this woman has taken, but sure as heck you can stop her getting her hands on any more! You can contact the DWP and ask to become the Appointee for dad's ...
Great suggestion bowlingbun! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
MrsAverage wrote: Don't just go by reports, visit each home yourself. No Home is perfect, even the very very expensive ones. Go for safe and warm and ease of you visiting
Yes you are right. You have to make sure that your loved ones are in a safe place and that they are well taken care of.
I think she really needs someone to be with her 24/7 or even at night so that any discomfort or pain would be easily taken care of.