bowlingbun wrote: Who is managing his finances at the moment? How?
Are you an only child? (More relevant than you might realise!)
Hi, My dad has 3 children. At the moment he has sole control of his finances. We got him to sign a direct debit to pay his care home fees.
Hi, My father was diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2016. He is currently in a dementia care home close to me (a decision made by his children) and is self funding. Sadly my mum passed away whilst my dad was in a step down bed care home earlier this year. My parents shared their finances and we ne...
Thanks Chris, that's really helpful. Will check out your links.
Hi, My dad has dementia and due to arthritis can only use his left hand. He likes to be clean shaven every day and seems keen to get an electric razor to make this task easier. Can anyone recommend a model which works well in these circumstances please?
Hi Everyone, I wanted to ask advice with regards to finding the best care for my dear dad. My dad (90) has vascular dementia. He was living at home with my mum but she was finding it hard to look after him due to his needs and her own health issues. Both of them needed help but we're unwilling to ac...