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I know it does sound harsh. But that’s how I feel the doctors etc have done nothing to help me also as I’ll be living miles away from my mother that does limit anything I can do.
But what about my best interests? I'm probably going to refuse to meet with social services and wipe my hands of everything.
Also why do I need to explain any of my actions to social services
As harsh as it sounds I have to walk away from this or to put it bluntly it’s me that will need 24 hour care.
I love my mum to bits but am so drained mentally and physically. I’ve lost an enormous amount of weight in the last year and my health has reached tipping point.
Thanks I don’t know how I would have managed without this site.
Some of you may have seen my posts on the benefits forum about my mother regarding her recent stroke. I hope I'm posting this question in the right section so apologies if I haven't. My question I'd this can I be made/obliged to care for her when she is discharged. Her mental capacity is severely li...
My mum has no living relatives other than myself. When the process for her leaving hospital begins I'll tell who I have to that I would like her close to where I live but I cant emphasize how hard caring has been these last few years. Maintaining a relationship with my partner has been very difficul...
I've heard about dwp appointee but am worried that this may complicate my claim for universal credit etc when I move in with my fiancee. One thing I want to do is try to get her to a nursing home where I will be living in north Wales.
The house will be mine when my mother passes. But don't have the funds to contact solicitors. CAB in my part of the world are overstretched to say the least.

I don't want to make hasty decisions but my health is not good itself I'm not eating, sleeping etc.