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Carers UK Forum - Search
Hi, I am looking too for websites where people are looking for private carer candidates. "Private" - a direct hire by family. Thanks,
Can any of you, please give a direction (of bus, train, other) what is the best economy way to travel between London Heathrow Airport and city of Loughton, postcode IG101TJ
Thanks, Ted
If any of YOU, while surfing the web get into a forum where family carers (who're helping father) share concerns, suffering, worn out condition, please let me know. I am sure that would be the good place to volunteer.
Thank you, I am persistent, I am believer until the total victory !! At the same time other people inputs are appreciated, always !
Yes, I agree, in this world being cautious is wise approach. We will soon start to inquire background check certificate (Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) document. Ted
Thanks to ALL, I truly appreciate your inputs, suggestions,
Thanks Henrietta, Yes, it would be easier, yet my experience telling me that 'easier' many times is prolonging the pain. I exchanged few emails with another guy who worked 5-6 years as carer in USA, when he moved to UK, some agencies were telling him, "we want you to have experience in UK." Finally ...
Thank YOU all, Although some may require DBS, some not, you're convincing me to get one. It will take extra steps, because this is my son-in-law who lives in Poland. He wants to work as carer in UK, and since he has no experience and knows basic English, my advice to him is - work first as volunteer...
Hi, Thanks for info. The DBS certificate (although there is no criminal background) could be time consuming to have one. I understand the trust factor could be an issue to some people. At the same time people, families hire privately paid carers. Obviously some require references from previous emplo...