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I think thats the point really.. the specialist mental health provision for people with LD is provided by the NHS by these people.. I guess that bit is ok.. its just everything else they do feels a bit ... full on and not about us. which is why I was asking if people had experience.
not severe no, and no challenging behaviour at all, just he finds some situations and things difficult to cope with, and needs regular reassurance. He is improving all the time. but the situation being made harder by us suffering a recent loss.
that's really tough. so sorry x
Hi Melly

not really - he does one day a week activities, so I can stand down between 10 and 4. Try to do more things separately - in an effort to help him be independent, but he needs to be in phone contact.

What about you?
anyone had deals with these people?

spoke to gp about my son's anxiety and he said he would look into counsellor, but instead referred him to IATT

frankly not helping *my* anxiety levels....
thanks all. I keep thinking I might have missed the envelope.....
thanks for the reply x

yes for ESA he did not have to attend an assessment - handy as he really didn't want to go. I supplied lots of backup paperwork so maybe that helped.

I'm new here - a parent carer for my adult son with learning disabilities, and some other stuff :)
My son was awarded DLA for life on turning 18, and we have been waiting for the PIP forms.. but still not had them.... the DLA is still coming in. it is making me fairly anxious.... are we the only ones still waiting the forms?